To some, the inner workings of their household central heating system are an unfathomable mystery. Systems often malfunction in the autumn, when the heating is turned on after a long summer of disuse. Some of the common problems with traditional heating systems are over-heating radiators, noisy boilers, inconsistent temperature and the spike in energy costs during the colder times of the year.

If you are on oil, LPG, all-electric or looking to replace your existing boiler soon then an Air Source Heat Pump is a no brainier. This is for the simple fact you will have much cheaper running costs and the cost of the new boiler could be invested towards your Heat Pump. The technology is brilliant but as with all things it will work for most but there are some situations we advise not to do it.


RHI, also known as Renewable Heat Incentive, the RHI is a government-sponsored scheme that was designed to financially reward folks in the UK(England, Scotland, and Wales) who use renewable energy to heat their homes. With RHI, you can get quarterly payments for seven years if you are about to install or already use renewable technology in heating your home. While the immediate goal of this incentive is to help users of renewable heat technology offset the costs, the larger picture is to produce 12% of the heat used in the UK from renewable sources by 2020.

All you need is to be eligible to apply for this initiative is to be a homeowner, landlord, or homebuilder. You can then apply to the energy regulator which makes payments to you after you have joined the scheme. The best part is that you even get paid for generating your own heat! There’s even more. You can install more than one renewable technology and still get paid for each system.

At Nationwide Renewables we take care of registration, commissioning and preparing your paperwork, so all you have to do is fill in your personal details and post to ofGem.

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