Despite it now being more than two years on from the original referendum, we still do not know exactly when, how, or even if Britain will leave the European Union. Theresa May has made way for Boris Johnson, who is in the midst of similar troubles when it comes to securing a deal that pleases all parties. Britain could yet leave with a deal from the EU, a no-deal Brexit, or they could even hold a second referendum. With the uncertainty hanging over Britain like a dark cloud, many people are justifiably worried about how Brexit could affect their energy bills.

Which conducted a survey that found that 32% of people in Britain think that Brexit will increase energy prices. A further 22% of residents even claim that Brexit has already caused an increase in their bills. But, how much truth is there in these claims?

Renewable energy technology comes in the form of things such as solar panels and air source technology. These come with a whole host of added benefits, from creating clean and green energy to improving public health, and gaining energy independence. However, perhaps the most attractive feature of renewable energy comes in the form of pricing. Natural resources such as the sun and wind are guaranteed forces of nature, meaning that investing in renewable energy creates a steady guarantee of cheap energy far into the future. Studies have shown that 17.5 million homeowners in Britain will pay around £44,500 on energy alone over the next 20 years, making a grand total of £778 billion. Why not make the switch now and enjoy your energy for free?

Not only this, but the Department of Energy and Climate Change conducted research that found that property prices in England increased by up to 14% when energy-saving measures are added. On average, this saw a rise of around £16,000 per property. So, not only are you investing in a reliable energy source, but you are also investing in your future in terms of property resale value.


Brexit is still uncertain, and will likely remain that way for some time yet. However, that does not stop the people of Britain from taking control of their own destiny when it comes to energy supply. Make the switch today and invest in a better tomorrow.

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