The short answer to this question is that there are currently no grants available for the installation of solar panels. However, as with many things, the answer to this question isn’t quite so simple. 

The government have decided to close the feed-in tariff from next month. This scheme was a way in which customers could sell back excess energy to the national grid at a pre-set price thus helping to fund the installation. Whilst Homeowners already signed up to the feed-in tariff will still continue to benefit, the scheme will be effectively closed to new customers.

However, the installation of solar panels can still help to dramatically reduce your household expenditure on energy whilst helping to reduce carbon emissions (thought to be the main cause of global warming). 

Over the past decade solar power has grown in use and together with other renewable energy now accounts for about a quarter of the UK’s energy production. This surge in the use of solar energy has been accompanied by a significant reduction in the cost of buying solar panels. Indeed, today’s most advanced solar panels are extremely efficient and cost 50% less than ten years ago (from approximately £12-£14K average cost to the current average price of around £6K). Once the continual increase in electricity prices is factored in, solar power becomes a very attractive way of saving money whilst helping to save the planet.

Another factor helping to make solar power more cost efficient is the development of household batteries whereby homeowners can store unused electricity to be accessed as and when it is needed. In the past this energy could not be saved for personal use and had to be sold back to the national grid – hence the feed-in tariff. 

Why Nationwide Renewables?

Well, we really care about our customers and the planet so we only use the very best products on the market and we also take great pride in providing an excellent standard of service to our customers.

Our solar panels are supplied by Solarworld AG. This manufacturer is the largest solar panel manufacturer in Germany with over 36 years of experience in the solar energy industry. Our solar panels are ‘Green Band’ accredited which means they have been proven to practise environmental sustainability as well as receiving an impressive 5 star rating from the consumer magazine ‘Which?’. 

Our solar PV battery storage is delivered via the very latest Lithion Ion Technology. Indeed, our batteries typically last upwards of 16 years and can store up to 7.2 KW of energy. Here at Nationwide Renewables we understand that over time our customers’ needs can change which is why our battery storage system is totally flexible and can be added to at any time. Just imagine – no more power cuts! 

If you are thinking of investing in solar panels call Nationwide Renewables now on 0800 0835 669 or email us at and our friendly sales team will be happy to explain your options.

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