Mr Taylor’s Solar Panels

See the before and after videos of the impact 10 panels has had on Mr Taylor.

No longer affected by rising fuel costs!

Mr Taylor was looking to reduce his energy bills and help the impact on the environment by installing 10 panels to his home. Check out the before and after videos below to see how happy he was with the result.

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Mr Taylor’s Solar Panels

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Mr Taylor’s Solar Panels

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We offer a wide range of panels to suit different types of properties and budgets. Our most trusted brand is Q.Cells for the following reasons:

Trust the experts

Any brand is only as good as the recognition it has received. Q.Cells is one of the most awarded solar panel companies on the market. Receiving recognition as Eupd Research’s Top Brand, PV Magazine Top Innovation Award and more from the Inter Solar Awards.

Quality you can rely on

Intensive research, first-class materials and a fully automated production process in every manufacturing plot around the globe. Ensuring consistency in every panel produced so you can expect optimum yield from each panel for your home. 

A panel you can be proud of

Made by the number one solar panel manufacturer in Germany. A member of the Silicon Module Super League combining excellent innovation and precision German engineering.

Build a Sustainable Future

With Nationwide Renewables

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