Nationwide Renewables Wins Prestigious EUPD Installer Award for the UK: A Milestone in Solar Excellence

At Nationwide Renewables, we are honoured to announce that we have been honoured with the prestigious EUPD Installer Award for the UK. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing top-tier solar panel installations and advancing renewable energy solutions across the country. Winning this award highlights our dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation in the solar industry.

Understanding the EUPD Installer Award

The EUPD Installer Award is a highly coveted accolade in the renewable energy sector. Presented by the European Utility Partners and Distributors (EUPD), this award recognises outstanding solar installers who have demonstrated exceptional performance in various areas, including customer satisfaction, technological innovation, and sustainable practices.

The EUPD is an esteemed organisation renowned for its stringent evaluation standards and dedication to promoting excellence in the renewable energy market. The significance of the EUPD Installer Award cannot be overstated. It serves as a benchmark for quality and reliability in the solar industry, and it is sought after by top brands worldwide, including industry leaders such as Q.CELLS, SOLIS, and SolaX. These brands strive for this recognition, aiming to showcase their commitment to excellence and their leadership in the renewable energy sector.

Why Nationwide Renewables Was Selected

Nationwide Renewables stood out among numerous competitors for several reasons:

1. Customer Satisfaction: Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We consistently receive high ratings for our comprehensive service, from initial consultation to post-installation support. Our commitment to exceeding customer expectations played a significant role in our selection for this award.

2. Technological Innovation: We leverage the latest advancements in solar technology to provide efficient and effective solutions. Our team of experts is continually researching and implementing cutting-edge solar panel systems to ensure optimal performance and energy savings for our clients.

3. Sustainable Practices: At Nationwide Renewables, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is a core value. Our operations are designed to minimise environmental impact, from eco-friendly installation processes to promoting energy-efficient products. Our dedication to sustainability aligns perfectly with the criteria of the EUPD Installer Award.



Attending Intersolar 2024 in Munich, Germany

As part of our journey to receive the EUPD Installer Award, our team had the incredible opportunity to attend Intersolar 2024, an international convention held in Munich, Germany. Intersolar is one of the world’s leading exhibitions for the solar industry, attracting experts, innovators, and industry leaders from around the globe.

Meeting Markus A.W. Hoehner, CEO of EUPD Research

During Intersolar 2024, we had the distinct honour of meeting Markus A.W. Hoehner, CEO of EUPD Research. This interaction was a highlight for our team, as it provided us with valuable insights into the future of renewable energy and the evolving standards of excellence in the solar industry. Mr Hoehner commended Nationwide Renewables for our exceptional achievements and shared inspiring perspectives on the global impact of renewable energy solutions.


The Importance and Prestige of the EUPD Installer Award

The EUPD Installer Award is not just another industry accolade; it represents the pinnacle of achievement in the renewable energy sector. The award is an endorsement of quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Winning this award places Nationwide Renewables among the elite in the industry, alongside renowned brands such as Q.CELLS, SOLIS, and SolaX.

Why Top Brands Seek EUPD Recognition 

Top brands in the solar industry strive for the EUPD Installer Award for several reasons:

1. Benchmark of Excellence:

The award serves as a benchmark for excellence in the industry. Brands like Q.CELLS, SOLIS, and SolaX understand that this recognition validates their commitment to quality and innovation.

2. Customer Trust:

The EUPD Installer Award builds trust with customers. It assures them that they are choosing a company with a proven track record of delivering exceptional service and high-quality products because an independent body has done the vetting for them.

3. Industry Leadership:

Achieving this award positions a brand as a leader in the renewable energy sector. It highlights their role in driving the industry forward through innovative solutions and sustainable practices.


What Winning the EUPD Installer Award Means for Our Customers

Winning the EUPD Installer Award is not just a victory for Nationwide Renewables; it is a win for our customers. Here’s what this accolade means for you:

1. Assurance of Quality:

The EUPD Installer Award is a mark of excellence. It assures our customers that they are partnering with a company recognised for its superior quality and service in the solar industry.

2. Cutting-Edge Technology:

As award winners, we are committed to staying at the forefront of solar technology. Our customers benefit from the latest and most efficient solar panel systems, ensuring maximum energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience:

The award reflects our dedication to providing an outstanding customer experience. From the moment you contact us for a consultation to the final installation and beyond, you can expect exceptional service tailored to your specific needs.

4. Commitment to Sustainability:

Our recognition by the EUPD underscores our commitment to sustainable practices. By choosing Nationwide Renewables, you are contributing to a greener future and supporting a company that prioritises environmental responsibility.

Join Us in Celebrating Renewable Energy Excellence

At Nationwide Renewables, we believe that every solar panel installation brings us one step closer to a sustainable future. We invite you to join us in celebrating this significant achievement and take part in the renewable energy revolution.



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Our Partnerships with Top Brands

At Nationwide Renewables, we pride ourselves on our strong partnerships with leading brands in the solar industry. Our collaborations with Q.CELLS, SOLIS, and SolaX enable us to provide our customers with the highest quality solar panels and inverters available. These brands, like us, seek recognition from prestigious awards such as the EUPD Installer Award to highlight their commitment to excellence and innovation in renewable energy.


Known for their high-efficiency solar panels, Q.CELLS is a trusted partner in delivering reliable and efficient solar solutions. Our partnership ensures that our customers benefit from the latest advancements in solar technology.


As a leader in solar inverter technology, SOLIS provides robust and efficient solutions that complement our solar panel installations. Our collaboration ensures seamless integration and optimal performance of solar systems.


With a focus on innovation, SolaX offers cutting-edge solar products that enhance the efficiency and reliability of our installations. Our partnership allows us to offer our customers the best in solar technology.

Conclusion: A Commitment to Excellence and Sustainability

Winning the EUPD Installer Award for the UK is a monumental achievement for Nationwide Renewables, reflecting our commitment to excellence in the solar industry. We are proud to share this success with our customers and look forward to continuing our mission of delivering top-quality solar panel installations and advancing renewable energy solutions. Join us as we celebrate this milestone and continue to lead the way in sustainable energy.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Together, we can make a significant impact on the environment and create a sustainable future for generations to come.

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