As the UK gears up for the next general election, renewable energy has emerged as a top priority for voters. Recent research conducted by Nationwide Renewables underscores the public’s growing support for sustainable energy solutions, particularly solar panels. This research, complemented by the insights shared by our managing director, Haitem Bulgasim, in various podcasts, builds a compelling case for integrating renewable energy into the fabric of everyday life.

The Rising Importance of Renewable Energy in the UK

Nationwide Renewables conducted a comprehensive survey between 16th May and 23rd May 2024, involving 2,004 UK adults. The findings revealed that renewable energy ranks among the top four concerns for voters, just behind the NHS, inflation control, and immigration. This indicates a significant shift in public consciousness towards the importance of sustainable living and renewable energy solutions.

Figure 1: Key Issues for Voters in the Next General Election

Public Opinion on Solar Panels

The survey highlighted a strong preference for solar farms over other land uses in the UK countryside. An impressive 71% of respondents believe solar farms should take precedence over golf courses and other leisure activities. Additionally, 37% feel it is more important to use land for solar projects than for traditional farming.

Figure 2: Public Preferences for Land Use

Furthermore, there is considerable support for making solar panels a standard feature in new-build properties. About 37% of respondents advocate for this, while 42% believe solar panels should be made affordable for everyone. This widespread endorsement underscores the public’s readiness to embrace solar energy as a viable solution to meet the UK’s energy needs.

Figure 3: Public Support for Solar Panels in New Builds

The Benefits of Solar Panels

The advantages of solar panels are numerous and compelling. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, providing a clean, inexhaustible energy source that significantly reduces reliance on fossil fuels and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, they offer substantial financial benefits, including reduced energy bills and an increase in property values by as much as 25%.

Figure 4: Financial and Environmental Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar panels are an integral part of the UK’s push towards renewable energy. The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) programme allows homeowners to sell excess electricity back to the grid, providing an additional financial incentive. Coupled with the government’s 0% VAT initiative on solar panel installations, these measures make adopting solar technology more attractive and affordable.

Haitem Bulgasim’s Insights on Sustainable Living

Our managing director, Haitem Bulgasim, has been actively sharing these insights and more through various media appearances. In his interviews on platforms such as Share Radio, Modern Mindset, and the Talking Money Network, Haitem has emphasised the critical role of renewable energy in shaping a sustainable future. He has discussed the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy, the importance of government support in making solar technology accessible, and the public’s readiness to transition to greener energy solutions.

Haitem Bulgasim, Managing Director of Nationwide Renewables

In a recent podcast, Haitem highlighted the potential for battery storage systems to enhance the efficiency of solar panels. Battery storage allows homeowners to store excess solar energy generated during the day for use at night, thereby maximising the benefits of solar power and providing greater energy independence.

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The strong public support for renewable energy sends a clear message to policymakers: prioritising sustainable energy solutions is crucial for the UK’s future. As the nation strives to meet its climate goals and ensure energy security, integrating solar panels into new developments and making them affordable for all can drive significant progress towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Figure 5: Public Support for Renewable Energy Policies

For more detailed insights from our research and to hear Haitem Bulgasim’s expert opinions, tune into his recent podcast appearances and visit our website. Together, we can make sustainable living a reality.



The findings from Nationwide Renewables’ research highlight a pivotal moment in the UK’s journey towards sustainable living. The widespread support for solar energy, the benefits of battery storage systems, and the financial incentives provided by the Smart Export Guarantee and 0% VAT initiative are all critical components in this transition. By prioritising renewable energy, the UK can not only meet its climate goals but also create a more secure and economically viable future for its citizens.

As we continue to explore and promote renewable energy solutions, Nationwide Renewables remains committed to providing the latest insights and advancements in solar technology. Our goal is to empower individuals and communities to embrace sustainable living and contribute to a greener planet.

For those interested in learning more about solar panels, battery storage systems, and our research findings, please visit our website or listen to Haitem Bulgasim’s insightful discussions on various podcasts. Together, we can drive the change towards a more sustainable future.

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