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The Google Nest Learning Thermostat

60% of your energy bill comes from your thermostat. With the Google Nest smart thermostat you can save more and take back control of your energy. An estimate 39 billion kWh of energy has been saved by Nest technology since 2011.

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Learning Nest Technology

The Nest learning thermostat picks up on your lifestyle and delivers accordingly. It understands the temperatures you prefer when at home and turns itself down when you leave the house. Not only that, it learns how draughty your property is and distributes the energy it needs.

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Control your hot water

You can now use the Nest Learning Thermostat to control your hot water tank. Set your own schedule to suit your daily lifestyle. Never forget to switch the hot water off again. The Nest will do this automatically when you're away from home.

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Keep an eye on your savings

The Google Nest app clocks how much every you use and save every day. Using the Energy History section within the app you can see a monthly report. Not only that it shows you which days you're using more energy and teaches you how to use less.

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Control From Anywhere

The Google Nest app enables your thermostat to live both in your home and your pocket. After connecting Nest to Wi-Fi it can be controlled from anywhere. Getting home earlier than expected? Make it ready for your arrival by adjusting the temperate using the app.

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