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Shaded roof or complex roof? It is now possible to create your electricity thanks to the latest solar smart technology

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Maximum Energy From Every Panel

Traditional panels and original string inverters will lower the output of your system to the lowest performing panel. With Smart SolarEdge Powered Panels these losses are mitigated through extracting the maximum energy from every panel, regardless of the others in the string.

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The Obvious Choice

Each panel operates independently from the others therefore, if one panel is not functioning at full capacity, it will not affect the performance of your system. This makes Smart Panels the obvious choice for shaded roof spaces or if your roof has been modified with multiple apex’s or dormers.

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Opting for Smart Panels has seen some customers increase the performance of their solar by up to 25%!

Indeed, most standard systems do not come with panel level monitoring so many never know if they have issues. SolarEdge gives detailed online or app-based monitoring for you to easily view at any time. Here at Nationwide Renewables, our team will monitor your system and alert you to any issues if they arise.

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Take A Look At Some Of The Reasons Why You Should Choose From Our Smart Range Of Solar Panels:

Increased Generation

SolarEdge Power Optimiser technology has been tested by industry magazine Photon and has been proven to increase generation by up to 25%.

25 Year Warranty

String inverters typically come with a 5 or 10-year warranty. The SolarEdge Inverter hub comes with a 25-year warranty on the latest high-performance HD Wave inverter, plus the SolarEdge Power Optimisers come with a 25-year warranty meaning that you never have to worry about the expense of replacing your inverter for a lifetime.

Expert Monitoring

A SolarEdge system gives you access to individual panel monitoring via your computer, tablet or phone allowing full visibility of the performance of your system. We also offer a monitoring service that then alerts you to any issues for your peace of mind.

Flexibility In Design

Every panel operates independently from the others meaning we can design your system over multiple roof’s without any loss in efficiency.

Location, Location, Location

Location was also found to be a contributing factor. Homes in the North East saw the most value added to their properties (£25,355), slightly more compared to properties in the North West (£23,155). it is also clear that installing a solar PV system will increase your home’s saleability. An independent study carried out by mortgage provider ING Direct last year revealed smart panels to be the most desired extra on a home for four in ten people. In other words, installing smart panels will make your home seem more attractive to potential buyers and could give you that much needed edge in the property market when the time comes to sell.

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