Why Renewable Energy?

There are many benefits to renewable energy solutions, the most prominent being the impact on our environment.

Preventing Unnecessary Damage

We are unnecessarily contributing to carbon emissions through our everyday lifestyle choices. It is time to take advantage of renewable technologies. While Nationwide Renewables makes positive change, there are three key areas of renewable power that benefit you financially.

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You are one of 17.5 million home owners who will each pay an estimated £44,500 on energy in the next twenty years. That's a grand total of £778 billion in the UK alone.

This is unnecessarily going to a handful of huge corporations retailing energy for unprecedented profits, made from our ignorance, from our passive acceptance ~ now can you see why we are so passionate about helping you to take back control? Are you going to make a statement, to exercise your right to take back control, To recapture your hard-earned personal wealth?

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Create your own energy business

When you take back control you are no longer an energy consumer because your home is now a power station producing energy that you use and sell to energy retailers. How’s this for turning the tables? You own a business with a customer whose demand will last forever, and with a supplier who will never stop supplying you. You’re guaranteed to profit. Now, there’s never going to be a monopoly on sunlight because no energy company can buy it outright and inflate its price! Consequently, renewable power and storage provides us with energy security.

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Your home increases in value immediately after installation

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has also conducted research into the importance of energy efficiency and its influence on property prices in England. The report from June 2013 concluded that energy saving measures boost house prices by up to 14%. DECC found that energy saving home improvements, such as smart panels, heat pumps and more could increase property values by on average £16,000. Between 1995 and 2011, over 320,000 properties were analysed. According to the research, by improving a homes EPC Rating from band G to E – or from a D to a B – property prices rose significantly.

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Location, Location, Location…

Location was also found to be a contributing factor. Homes in the North East saw the most value added to their properties (£25,355), slightly more compared to properties in the North West (£23,155). it is also clear that installing a solar PV system will increase your home’s saleability. An independent study carried out by mortgage provider ING Direct last year revealed smart panels to be the most desired extra on a home for four in ten people. In other words, installing smart panels will make your home seem more attractive to potential buyers and could give you that much needed edge in the property market when the time comes to sell.

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