What Makes Us Different?

We’re not your average renewable energy installer.  At Nationwide Renewables we appreciate that every home is different. Because of this so are our solutions with each package tailored to you and your house. We take a holistic view at each home looking at how we can help you create its own form of renewable energy, how the home can make better use of it whilst as well as having the expertise and the person that can claim back as much cash as possible for you, the customer.

I was unfair to this company who had our installation dumped into them. They were sometimes let down by suppliers and unreliable sub contractors. To turn our installation around in the time it would have taken was nothing short of miraculous. Keaton was very helpful in the organisation, and the eventual roofer Jake was brilliant. Don't let them put John Dawes onto your job, he's always coming tomorrow. I can recommend Nationwide.
Roger Hughes
I first looked into solar when it was evident that energy prices were on the rise. Totally worth it. Very happy with our installation. Great service has been provided throughout. From our initial consultation right through to scaffold, installation and follow up. Everyone has been very informative, polite, helpful and left no mess. Highly recommend. Savings are always welcome especially with prices of everything going up. Has only been installed for a month and can see the benefits already. From our personal experience with the company, I cannot praise them enough. Everything happened when it was supposed to, and everything went very smoothly. The insurance cover gives peace of mind, and the app is great, being able to see what energy you are producing and seeing the savings in real time. Thankyou Nationwide Renewables
Demi Wrigglesworth
good service excellent product up and working a treat no problems with it
trevor HARPER
Craig was great, he understood exactly what we wanted, and was very professional now the installation started off really messy, the weather, the hiccups started to make me think twice but once the correct people came into to take charge of project it went very well and we finally got installed, couldn't be happier with my system and got a smart heating for my troubles. i will recommend you to one of my friends because the finished job is good.
Lea Tariff
Rob was great, he understood exactly what we wanted. Couldn't be happier with my system and got a smart heating for my troubles.
Raj Neal

Energy For Everyone

We believe energy should be more transparent. Renewable energy should be affordable for everyone. As a customer of Nationwide Renewables you will benefit from expert advice, friendly customer service and a smooth installation process.

Technology & Design

Over the years we have built a highly skilled team in every field to bring the best possible renewable energy solutions to our customers. Delivering maximum efficiency and complete peace of mind through cutting edge technology and design.

Explore Renewables

Just click the link below and fill in your details, and we’ll provide you with all the information you need! Still unsure? Give us a call on 0330 818 9928

A Simple, Energy Focussed Future

We are fortunate enough to have the opportunity every day to help homeowners, landlords & businesses take control of their energy bills. Such as regular homeowners who have seen their energy bills rise more than their income all the way to agricultural business who want to reduce their operational costs and carbon emissions. We help everyone who is frustrated with the energy monopoly, we make it simple to navigate what can be a complex process to move away from the status quo by shifting the obligation away from you and making it our responsibility the moment you give us permission to do so.

The reason we do this is that we believe in a better future for us all, a future where energy is created on a local level free from large corporations. The best part about becoming a customer of ours is not only do we help you become the owner of your own energy business, but we also design every system so its unique to you with every consideration taken and in turn, we guarantee results.

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