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As a photovoltaic manufacturer, Q.CELLS engineers it’s award winning and certified solar modules in Germany to a high level of detail. Ensuring maximum output even in the worst weather conditions.

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Innovative all-weather Q.Antum technology

Optimal yields, whatever the weather with excellent low-light and temperature behaviour. More light + More performance = More electricity. The rear surfaces of Q. ANTUM solar cells are treated with a special Nano coating that functions much like a typical household mirror. Rays of daylight that would otherwise go to waste are reflected back through the cell to generate more electricity. Laser-fired contacts complement the Nano coating to enhance the module’s electrical properties, increasing its efficiency considerably.

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Unparalleled performance and reliability

Providing a warranty is one thing, delivering performance is another – especially when considering that solar PV systems operate for at least 25 years. Despite the best warranty conditions, a solar PV system will turn into a nightmare if modules need to be replaced on a regular basis. Q.CELLS has many awards to substantiate it’s claims as a market leader In 2018 Hanwha Q.CELLS obtained the “Top Brand PV” Seal (modules) of EuPD Research (Hoehner Research & Consulting Group) for the markets in Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain for the third consecutive year.

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We Offer A Wide Range Of Panels To Suit Different Types Of Properties And Budgets. Our Most Trusted Brand Is Q.Cells For The Following Reasons:

Trust The Experts

Any brand is only as good as the recognition it has received. Q.Cells is one of the most awarded solar panel companies on the market. Receiving recognition as Eupd Research’s Top Brand, PV Magazine Top Innovation Award and more from the Inter Solar Awards.

Quality You Can Rely On

Intensive research, first-class materials and a fully automated production process in every manufacturing plot around the globe. Ensuring consistency in every panel produced so you can expect optimum yield from each panel for your home. 

A Panel You Can Be Proud Of

Made by the number one solar panel manufacturer in Germany. A member of the Silicon Module Super League combining excellent innovation and precision German engineering.

Location, Location, Location

Location was also found to be a contributing factor. Homes in the North East saw the most value added to their properties (£25,355), slightly more compared to properties in the North West (£23,155). it is also clear that installing a solar PV system will increase your home’s saleability. An independent study carried out by mortgage provider ING Direct last year revealed smart panels to be the most desired extra on a home for four in ten people. In other words, installing smart panels will make your home seem more attractive to potential buyers and could give you that much needed edge in the property market when the time comes to sell.

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