Smart Voltage

Reducing energy waste in your home.

What Is Voltage Optimisation?

Typically the incoming voltage to your property will vary between 216V and 253V as agreed with the current European Legislation.

All domestic electrical equipment is designed to work within a range of 207V and 253V. However critically the optimum and most efficient supply voltage for these appliances is 220V.

When the supply voltage exceeds 220V waste is generated, in both heat and vibration. Significantly reducing the lifespan of the equipment.

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How Does Voltage Optimisation Work?

The Apex VO unit is simply connected between your Meter and your Distribution Board, it will then intelligently optimise the voltage supply to all the electrical appliances in your property.

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Easy To Install

Taking a qualified electrician between 30 minutes to 1 hour, with no modifications or replacement required to your existing distribution board, the Absolute Voltage unit can be installed quickly with minimal disruption.

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Immediate Savings

When you optimise the voltage to your property, you immediately benefit from energy servings because you are reducing WASTE in the form of heat and vibration. Domestic savings for a typical for a typical house will be from 8% up to 13%.

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Location, Location, Location

Location was also found to be a contributing factor. Homes in the North East saw the most value added to their properties (£25,355), slightly more compared to properties in the North West (£23,155). it is also clear that installing a solar PV system will increase your home’s saleability. An independent study carried out by mortgage provider ING Direct last year revealed smart panels to be the most desired extra on a home for four in ten people. In other words, installing smart panels will make your home seem more attractive to potential buyers and could give you that much needed edge in the property market when the time comes to sell.

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